Maria Schneider, Beogradski džez festival 2023, foto Anđelko Vasiljević


As a unique form requiring theoretical knowledge and imagination from the performer while improvising, jazz is like an exotic continent that captures everyone's attention but is never fully discovered.

Immanuel Wilkins, Beogradski džez festival 2022, foto Anđelko Vasiljević

And just as the Belgrade Jazz Festival has brought the most famous members of the global jazz fraternity to the audience for decades, Anđelko Vasiljević sends us all postcards of the mysterious and seductive jazz continent with his photos from the Festival performances.

Enrico Rava, Beogradski džez festival 2018, foto Anđelko Vasiljević

Therefore, the link between the event of international reputation and our award-winning photographer is quite natural, just like Vasiljević's link with jazz. For he is a jazzer among photographers.

Fish in oil, Beogradski džez festival 2018, foto Anđelko Vasiljević

Vasiljević adds a daring sense of the moment to the rules of the trade he mastered in the "Politika" editorial office. His photos have their own personality outside the newspaper columns. They invite us on a journey across that mysterious and seductive continent called jazz. It is up to us to embark.

Dimitrije Bukvić

Stanley Clarke, Beogradski džez festival 2019, foto Anđelko Vasiljević
Stanley Clarke, Beogradski džez festival 2019, foto Anđelko Vasiljević

Anđelko Vasiljević was born in Belgrade, where he lives and works. He is employed in the daily newspaper "Politika". He has been engaged in photography for many years. In addition to the main editorial office, he publishes in weekly newspapers and news websites, and his photos have been published on many book and magazine covers, posters, CDs and in publications. He exhibited at several group and solo exhibitions in Serbia and abroad (Belgrade, Šabac, Požarevac, Smederevo, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Pula...). The award-winning photojournalist won, among others, the annual Association of Journalists of Serbia award, the "Beta" news agency award, the international festival "Interfer" award for socially engaged photo reportage, the prize for photography on the topic "April in Belgrade", the prize of Radio Belgrade for published photos on RTS website, "Interfer" award for sports reportage, Grand Prix at the international photo contest "Serbia Today"...

Anđelko, on his love for jazz: "Jazz is the music of a special feeling and experience. It is loaded with inspiration and ideas, so it is not surprising that it has many directions throughout its history. The Belgrade Jazz Festival, as a musical symbol of Belgrade, enabled me to be a part of that journey and try to leave a photographic trace of that fascinating experience, and I am very grateful for that."

Arild Andersen, Beogradski džez festival 2021, foto Anđelko Vasiljević

Izložba će biti otvorena do kraja 2023. godine. Radno vreme: ponedeljak-subota od 12:00 do 21:00; nedeljom od 12:00 do 18:00.