Power NAP Trio


Belgrade Youth Center, Main Hall

Predrag Okiljević - tenor saxophone

Marko Čurčić – bass

Aleksandar Škorić – drums

Collective Power NAP Trio joins excellent talents of the Serbian jazz avant-garde. Predrag Okiljević and Marko Čurčić are members of the Novi Sad art collective Horz and successfully collaborate in the Dragon's Fuel quartet, with four albums so far. Aleksandar Škorić lives in the Netherlands, collaborates with numerous notable names of the world avant-garde, and performs and records as a solo artist. All three are also members of the Echo Pointers quartet with Finnish saxophonist Adele Sauros, presenting their collaborative work at this year's Ring Ring festival. Power NAP Trio has existed since 2019 and made its discographic debut at the end of 2021 with the album Đapa Mare Coa, Vol. 1, presenting original material and an unusual arrangement of the song "Imam jednu želju".

With no harmonic instrument and the soloist potential of all three musicians, it is clear that this action is a celebration of free-form jazz, inspired by avant-garde aspirations in the United States in the 1960s, as well as the European jazz avant-garde (Juhani Aaltonen, John Tchicai, Peter Brötzmann...). The creative exclusivity feature of this collective lies in an attempt to combine an avant-garde approach with the music that the artists grew up with - Bosnian sevdalinka and trumpet orchestras from the Dragačevo district and southern Serbia. Essentially, it's about the intuitive in folk music combined with the intuitive in liberated jazz – blending the uncertainty of free jazz with the freedom at the core of folk creativity. On another plane, Čurčić and his colleagues create the crossing of explosive musical ambiances and meditative, more melodic music, as offered by Balkan tradition.