Hayden Chisholm Quartet “Things Serbia Did To Me”

Hayden Chisholm - saxophones  

Ivan Radivojević – trumpet  

Milica Bozović – double bass  

Peđa Milutinović – drums 

Saxophonist and composer Hayden Chisholm (Otahuhu, New Zealand, 1975) obtained his master's degree in saxophone at the Cologne Music Academy with a DAAD scholarship, continuing his studies in Japan and India. In 1995, he developed a new microtonal system that he penned split scales, presenting it to the world on his first solo album, Circe (1996). Since then, he regularly records for BBC and WDR radio shows, releases albums in various formats and travels worldwide.

He made music for several installations and films by the German artist Rebecca Horn. Also, he tried his hand as a director of the short film Sisyphus Runs (2016). He was assistant director of the Salzburger Festspiele (2008), artistic director of the Thessaloniki Jazz Festival (2018). He managed the Plushmusic festival in Cologne for ten years. At the festival in Mers (Germany), the Improviser in focus. After arriving in Belgrade in 2016, he started the Dortjol Festival, and in 2022, opened the BAM club, hosting numerous world jazzers.

In 2013, he released the 13 CD collection 13 Views of the Heart's Cargo, winning the SWR Jazz Prize in Germany, and three years later, another equally volumed collection Cusp of Oblivion. He recorded another twenty albums as a leader/co-leader, and several dozen as a sideman in the bands of Nils Wogram (Root 70), Sebastian Gramss (Slow Fox), Bernd Friedmann and Dejan Terzić, as well as in the Nine Horses, Pluramon and Zeitkratzer bands, among others. As a member of Nils Wogram's Muse Quartet, he won the best jazz album award in Germany in 2021. At the Belgrade Jazz Festival he will present new music, with elements of Serbian folklore that inspired him during his stay in Belgrade.