Fabian Rucker 5

Fabian Rucker - saxophones
Philipp Nykrin - piano
Christian Neuschmid - guitar, lap steel guitar
Andreas Waelti – double bass
Andreas Lettner – drums

Saxophonist, composer and producer Fabian Rucker (Salzburg, 1985) grew up listening to his father's record collection, from The Beatles to Pink Floyd, from Bach to Arvo Pärt and from Bob Dylan to Janis Joplin. He tried his hand at several instruments before the director of a nearby music school "proclaimed" him a saxophonist. A week later, he already had his first saxophone lessons, and then got the second record in his life (the first one was Peter and Wolf) Charlie Parker plays StandardsSince then, he has been obsessed with the idea of becoming a musician.  

He studied saxophone and composition at the Anton Bruckner University; he learned about jazz, new music, classical Indian music, as well as hip-hop, listening to Coltrane, Shorter and M-Base artists all day long. In 2009, he founded the trio Namby Pamby Boy with Filip Nykrin (keyboards) and Andreas Lettner (drums), recording several albums with them. He then met drummer Bobby Previte, completing various projects with him along with a number of prominent musicians, including Greg Osby, Nels Cline, Zeena Parkins, Charlie Hunter, Curtis Fox, Michael Gamble and Jon Medesci. Since 2004, he has recorded about fifty albums but debuted as a leader only in 2019 with the album Hypocritical Mass (BMC Records), which will form the backbone of his first concert in Belgrade. 

Other collaborations (as musician or producer): Thomas Gansch, Michael Mantler, Jim Black, Mühlbacher USW, Christian and Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mathias Rüegg, Lia Pale, Gerald Preinfalk, Harry Sokal, Wolfgang Puschnig, David Helbock, David Murray, Sunny Murray, Nouvelle Cuisine, Flip Philipp/Ed Partyka Dectet, Peter Herbert... 


Support: Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade